Thriving in Dystopia

EP32: Poetic Activism, Part 2: Eco-poetics and Critique of the Liver Sausage Method

December 28, 2020

Danny takes the Crew on a ride to his favorite music -- there are some surprises and prepare for some laughter.  After this, Dan discusses eco-poetics, which involves reflecting on the meaning of “eco,” which means household in Greek.  Eco-poetics, then, means a way of looking at the world and then writing poetry from that vantage point.  Dan dissects a Gary Snyder poem as a case study in eco-poetics.  Dave reads a Wendel Berry poem, and the Crew discuss the differences.  Following this discussion, they shift to reflecting on the critical analysis of Ulrike Meinhof of the Rote Armee Fraktion, a far-left militant group in the 1970s.  Meinhof’s analysis of the media as performative prefigured critical analysis of the media of the next decades.


Exile - Taylor Swift with Justin Vernon and Aaron Dessner

Gary Snyder’s Thin Ice

Wendell Berry’s Manifesto: Mad Farmer Liberation Front

Red Army Faction


Did you Know?

The average cloud weighs 1.1 million pounds.

The largest manufacturer of tires in the world is Legos.

There is a chicken named Miracle Mike that lived 18 months after his head was cut off.


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Deep appreciation to In Heaven by Drake Stafford for our intro song, Only Fools Rush performed by the crooner Nadir Čajić is the new outro, the prolific and enigmatic Joe Shine for the thumbnail art.   Big thank you to Nadir Čajić for editing this week’s show.   Finally, we are indebted to the wonderful Chris Sawyer for funding and creating our new website.  Thank you, Mix.

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