Thriving in Dystopia

Ep31: Poetic Activism, Part I: What Moves You In Poetry?

December 20, 2020

The Crew hosts old friend and poet Dan Cantrick on the show to talk about “poetic activism.”  But first, Dan explains what post-holing is with a story about hiking that listeners will not soon forget. #loneeagle. In answering Dave’s question about what moves him in poetry, Dan discusses the musicality of words and refers to Claudia Rankine.  The Crew digs into poetry, music, and activism in history drawing connections between the music of the I.W.W. in the early 20th Century to the poetry of the Spanish anarchists in the Spanish Civil War.  They end with implications for current social movements.


The Little Red Song Book


Lucia Sanchez Saornil


Did you Know?

December 14 was Electors Day.  Back in 2016 Bob and Dan demonstrated with others in Denver on Elector’s Day in an effort to encourage faithless electors and prevent the election of the Orange Menace.


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