Thriving in Dystopia

Ep21: The Dystopian Present of Cinema, Part 2

September 30, 2020

The Thriving Crew welcomes Dave Harris back to the studio to complete their discussion on cinema and dystopia.  This week they discuss movies that highlight mental health, climate, and racist dystopias.  They find a lot of real gems (see below)! They end the show with a look at the current state of cinema with movie theaters that haven’t been open since March.


Climate crisis picks:

DM -Princess Mononoke

DH - Mad Max Fury Road
BM - Okja

Mental health crisis picks:

DM - The Lobster

DH - Synedoche, New York


Racism picks:

BM - Get Out

DM - The Deep by clipping (song)

DH - Strange Days

Contact info

Email -

Twitter - @BMaze19

IG - Thriving_In_Dystopia

Website -


Deep appreciation to In Heaven by Drake Stafford for our intro song, outro is clipping by The Deep , the prolific and enigmatic Joe Shine for the thumbnail art.   Big thank you to Nadir Čajić for editing this week’s show.   Finally, we are indebted to the wonderful Chris Sawyer for funding and creating our new website.  Thank you, Mix.

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