Thriving in Dystopia

Ep15: Education Has So Much To Learn, Part 1: Restorative Justice Transformed

August 18, 2020

Dave and Bob are both teachers heading back into the classroom this week.  They start a 2-part series on education with a look at Dave’s use of restorative justice and restorative practices in his 4th grade classroom.  They discuss where the ideas of restorative justice come from and why educators would want to use them.  The powers-that-be have attempted to co-opt restorative justice, and so the Crew discuss transformative justice and the need to bring a power-analysis and empowerment into restorative circles.


Dave mentions the 2012 documentary The House I Live In.

Good primer on the School-to-prison pipeline

Dave’s use of restorative justice in schools is grounded in Hacking School Discipline 

A great video on putting circles together

For some history of restorative justice and transformative justice, see The Revolution Starts at Home and Beyond Survival


Tuned in


Bob really enjoyed Booksmart on Hulu

Dave loved Palm Springs also on Hulu


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