Thriving in Dystopia

Ep 59: TV, Books, Movies, Sports, Music, Podcasts? We Got You Covered

October 4, 2021

The brothers muse on what turning 40 means (it's the day before Bob’s birthday). The show is in the Matrix white room (in-between seasons).  So the Crew does a big ol’ fashion tuned-in episode and share what TV, movies, music, sports, and podcasts they’ve been into.



Dave: Sex Education (Netflix)

Upload (Prime)

Bob: Reservation Dogs (Hulu)

Sweet Tooth (Netflix)



Both: Having and Being Had by Eula Biss



Dave: Kicking and Screaming (1995) with mention of Eric Stoltz being the original Marty McFly!

Bob: Freaks (2018)



Old Hoss Radbourn

Greatest shot in WNBA history



Bob: Videoclub (French band)

Dave: Lofi chill out 



Both: 60 Songs that Explain the 90s

Bob: For the Wild with Ayanna Young



Total Recall (1990 & 2012): Give These People Air


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Deep appreciation to In Heaven by Drake Stafford for our intro song, Bach's Goldberg Variations is the new outro, the prolific and enigmatic Joe Shine for the thumbnail art.   Big thank you to Nadir Čajić for editing this week’s show.   Finally, we are indebted to the wonderful Chris Sawyer for funding and creating our new website.  Thank you, Mix.


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